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                                      UPDATED 3/24/2015

                              ***2015 CREEDMOOR CUP AND REGIONAL CREEDMOOR RESULTS***

2015 Creedmoor Cup Champion Dave Gullo (center) with 2nd place winner Eron Ahmer (right) and 3rd place winner Zack Taylor (left).

Creedmoor Cup Trophy winners left to right: Dan Theodore, Top Senior, Zack Taylor, 3rd Overall, Dave Gullo, Match Winner, Eron Ahmer, 2nd Overall, Trent Lawrence, Top Paper Patch Shooter, Jimbo Terry, Drunk. (Tollofson/Scope Winner)

The top three shooters in the Regional Creedmoor left to right: Dr. Keith Lay Jr. 3rd overall, Dave Gullo Regional Champion, Zack Taylor 2nd overall

Regional Creedmoor trophy winners left to right: Don Johnson, Bob Englebach, Robert Garibay, Rick Grey, Match Winner Dave Gullo, Klaus Schattleitner, John Venhous, Eron Ahmer, Jimbo Terry, Dr, Keith Lay Jr. Bob Hitchens, Zack Taylor.

To all:
Coming to Phoenix and the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in March can be a real treat if you are from the northern part of the United States.
This year was no exception with temperatures in the mid to high 80s.
For the practice day the wind was dead calm giving everyone a chance to check their sight settings and mechanical zeros.
Come Thursday morning and the first day of the Creedmoor Cup all changed.
The morning was a little chilly but the wind was howling out of the north and with it right in your face vision was a real problem. We all hoped, as the day warmed up, that would change and the wind would subside but no such luck.
As always, when the conditions are tough the top shooters are as well and the top three shooters for day one of the Cup were no surprise, with Dave Gullo on top followed by Zack Taylor and Dan Theodore who was right in there with his 38-70. Shooting as well as he did on Thursday with a .38 once again proves that if everything is correct the small calibers are just as competitive as the big boomers.
Friday wasn’t as windy but what was there was really challenging with direction and velocity changes faster than most could keep up with.
This time it was past champ Eron Ahmer’s chance to shine by leading the pack with an outstanding 264-3X.
What counts though is the aggregate and again this year it was Dave Gullo that turned in the top two day scores to become the 2015 Creedmoor Cup Champion.
The awards for the Cup were handed out at the steak fry following Friday’s match and after enjoying the dinner we had the drawing for prizes donated by the manufacturers that support Black Powder Target Rifle.
This year Klaus Schattleitner took on the job of sending requests for contributions and the response was outstanding. Thanks Klaus for a job well done!
I’ll list the contributors at the end of this report and since every competitor received more than one prize, please take the time to email or write them and thank them for their support.
It was reported that our NRA Director for Black Powder Target Rifle, Barry Ranney, was seen observing the Cup from a distance on Friday. We all anticipated that for the first time in ten years we would have an NRA referee in attendance for the Regional Creedmoor Match on Saturday. The competitors were really looking forward to meeting him and to discuss the future of Black Powder Target Rifle.
Saturday the slate was cleaned and everyone had a partner to help decipher the tricky Ben Avery springtime winds.
It was past Creedmoor Cup winner Zack Taylor’s turn to shine and with the help of his spotter, Eron Ahmer, Zack easily won the match with a nice 259-4X.
Although a ways back Dave Gullo was second followed by Chip Mate shooting his 44-77 Shiloh.
About two hours into the match I was introduced to our NRA referee Barry Ranney who briefly stopped by to get some insight on our Regional match. He asked what our Sunday program would be and if the awards were to follow the Sunday match. I was again hoping he would spend some time with us after the match and give the competitors a chance to get some insight to the problems they have experienced at the Black Powder Target Rifle National Matches. After having a few words with a couple of shooters he knew he left the range for the day. Maybe Sunday after the final match we would get a chance to speak with him.
Sunday it looked like we were going to get some relief from the wind but that didn’t last long. This time instead of being strong the winds were pretty light but still some of us could not get a handle on the changes.
Changes were not a problem for Dave Gullo as he took the win with help from his more than capable spotter John Venhous. Second and third place was a tie between partners Eron Ahmer and Zack Taylor.
Again it’s the aggregate score that wins all the marbles and it was Dave Gullo who doubled up with the Creedmoor Cup and Regional wins.
The second and third place trophies were clinched by Zack Taylor and Mississippi’s “dead eye” doctor, Keith Lay Jr.

All four days of shooting went very smooth thanks to the outstanding job of calling the match by our Canuck friend Paul Lawrence and I personally want to give him a “Hi-Five” for a job well done!
The conditions that prevailed at Ben Avery for our Creedmoor matches were as tough as you will find on any range in the USA. All those that attended should be proud to say they competed in the 2015 Arizona Winter Nationals regardless of their scores.
The question that still remains with me is why, when the NRA complains about the availability of funds to support Black Powder Target Rifle, they would go to the expense to send the BPTR Director all the way to Phoenix, AZ. and only have him spend less than one hour at the match?
The NASCAR races were in town so maybe he took advantage of the paid trip for him to attend a NASCAR race!
Hope he learned something about NASCAR racing because he sure missed a good chance to learn something about a great Regional Creedmoor match.
Thank you all for attending and I’ll see you next year.
Steve Rhoades
Match Director

COMPETITOR 800 900 1000 TOTAL 800 900 1000 TOTAL AGG. AWARD
DAVE GULLO 91-1X 80-0X 77-0X 248-1X 93-1X 85-1X 75-0X 253-2X 501-3X         CUP CHAMPION
ERON AHMER 86-0X 75-0X 64-1X 225-1X 92-2X 87-1X 85-0X 264-3X 489-4X         2ND OVERALL
ZACK TAYLOR 96-1X 84-1X 65-0X 245-2X 96-3X 77-0X 70-0X 243-2X 488-4X        3RD OVERALL
BOB HITCHENS 87-1X 81-0X 61-0X 229-1X 93-1X 84-1X 80-1X 257-3X 486-4X  
DAN THEODORE 83-1X 83-2X 74-0X 240-3X 95-2X 68-2X 63-0X 226-4X 466-7X     SENIOR
MIKE RIX 63-0X 75-0X 66-0X 204-0X 97-1X 72-0X 85-1X 254-2X 458-2X  
MARK SCHUENKE 76-0X 92-2X 45-0X 213-2X 87-2X 68-0X 81-0X 236-2X 449-4X  
JOHN VENHOUS 77-0X 74-0X 81-0X 232-0X 87-1X 72-0X 61-1X 220-2X 443-2X  
KEITH LAY JR. 74-0X 85-1X 52-0X 211-1X 88-1X 66-0X 73-0X 229-1X 440-2X  
TRENT LAWRENCE 73-0X 57-0X 72-0X 202-0X 96-1X 70-2X 64-0X 236-3X 438-3X    PAPER PATCH
RICK GREY 78-1X 72-0X 47-0X 197-1X 91-0X 80-2X 62-0X 233-2X 430-3X  
BRYAN YOUNGBERG 84-2X 67-1X 48-0X 199-3X 91-1X 71-1X 58-1X 220-3X 419-6X  
JIM TERRY 53-0X 75-0X 64-0X 192-0X 87-0X 75-0X 62-0X 224-0X 416-0X                UNLIMITED 
CLIFF GREGG 55-0X 84-0X 60-0X 199-0X 89-1X 72-0X 49-0X 210-1X 409-1X  
K. SCHATTLEITNER 81-0X 37-0X 51-0X 169-0X 81-1X 85-2X 67-1X 233-4X 402-4X
GLEN GIPSON 73-0X 53-0X 51-0X 177-0X 84-1X 84-0X 51-0X 219-1X 396-1X  
PAT CONNON 74-0X 21-0X 80-0X 175-0X 85-0X 54-1X 72-0X 214-1X 389-1X  
SHERMAN BROWNLEE 85-1X 52-0X 60-2X 197-3X 75-0X 37-0X 77-0X 189-0X 386-3X  
HANS VAN NOORD 77-0X 59-0X 52-0X 188-0X 79-0X 49-0X 55-0X 183-0X 371-0X  
BOB ENGLEBACH 70-2X 52-0X 43-0X 165-2X 86-2X 57-0X 58-0X 201-2X 366-4X  
DON JOHNSON 84-0X 28-0X 56-0X 168-0X 88-0X 41-0X 64-0X 193-0X 361-0X  
STEVE RHOADES 57-1X 55-0X 37-0X 149-1X 83-1X 80-1X 46-0X 209-2X 358-3X  
ROBERT GARIBAY 85-2X 64-2X 12-0X 161-4X 75-0X 64-0X 32-0X 171-0X 332-4X  
PAUL HUARD 49-0X 58-0X 42-0X 149-0X 85-0X 63-0X 35-0X 183-0X 332-0X  
KEN HEIER 48-0X 29-0X 48-1X 125-1X 91-3X 60-0X 21-0X 172-3X 297-4X  
DONN HANKS 16-0X 36-0X 28-0X 80-0X 84-0X 55-1X 38-0X 177-1X 257-1X  
ORVILLE LOOMER 69-1X 60-0X 24-0X 153-1X 35-0X 16-0X 32-0X 83-0X 236-1X  
DAVE MAURER DNF DNF DNF DNF 0-0X 28-0X 35-1X 63-1X 63-2X  


DAVE GULLO 94-3X 84-1X 78-1X 256-5X 91-1X 89-0X 86-1X 266-2X 522-7X        REGIONAL WINNER
ZACK TAYLOR 87-3X 85-1X 87-0X 259-4X 95-3X 78-0X 80-0X 253-3X 512-7X      SECOND PLACE
KEITH LAY JR. 87-0X 92-1X 66-0X 246-1X 88-2X 75-0X 85-1X 248-3X 494-4X      THIRD PLACE
ERON AHMER 83-1X 73-0X 82-0X 238-1X 96-2X 86-1X 71-0X 253-3X 491-4X       1ST MASTER
JOHN VENHOUS 95-1X 70-0X 73-1X 238-2X 94-0X 86-1X 72-0X 252-2X 490-4X  2ND MASTER
BOB HITCHENS 86-2X 69-1X 78-1X 233-4X 90-1X 90-1X 60-1X 240-3X 473-7X    3RD MASTER
MARK SCHUENKE 85-0X 79-1X 72-0X 236-1X 88-0X 81-0X 67-0X 236-0X 472-1X  
JIM TERRY 81-0X 72-1X 70-1X 223-2X 91-1X 81-0X 76-0X 248-1X 471-3X            TOLLOFSON
K. SCHATTLEITNER 92-0X 74-0X 69-1X 235-1X 81-1X 76-0X 78-0X 235-1X 470-2X   TOP SENIOR
DAN THEODORE 94-2X 80-0X 71-0X 245-3X 79-0X 87-1X 57-0X 223-1X 468-4X  
MIKE RIX 87-2X 78-1X 59-0X 224-3X 90-1X 86-2X 67-2X 243-5X 467-8X  
BRYAN YOUNGBERG 78-1X 89-2X 49-0X 216-3X 95-3X 70-0X 84-2X 249-5X 465-8X  
CHIP MATE 89-1X 86-0X 72-1X 247-2X 91-4X 67-0X 60-0X 218-4X 465-6X  
RICK GREY 82-1X 75-0X 75-1X 232-2X 77-0X 78-1X 75-2X 230-3X 462-5X  
BOB ENGLEBACH 84-0X 62-0X 73-0X 219-0X 79-0X 76-0X 79-0X 234-0X 453-0X    TOP PAPER PATCH
CLIFF GREGG 84-0X 88-0X 61-1X 233-1X 93-0X 68-0X 52-0X 213-0X 446-1X  
DON JOHNSON 91-1X 63-0X 64-1X 218-2X 80-1X 68-1X 75-0X 223-2X 441-4X       1ST SHARPSHOOTER
TRENT LAWRENCE 77-1X 58-0X 69-0X 204-1X 93-0X 86-1X 53-1X 232-2X 436-3X  
ROBERT GARIBAY 92-2X 77-1X 45-1X 214-4X 81-1X 62-0X 69-0X 212-1X 426-5X   1ST EXPERT
ORVILLE LOOMER 86-0X 65-0X 54-0X 205-0X 89-2X 60-0X 73-0X 222-2X 424-2X  
PAT CONNON 80-0X 67-0X 65-2X 212-2X 90-0X 59-0X 53-0X 202-0X 414-2X  
HANS VAN NOORD 89-0X 50-1X 50-1X 189-2X 85-3X 66-0X 68-0X 217-3X 406-5X  
SHERMAN BROWNLEE 73-0X 55-0X 64-0X 192-0X 81-1X 74-0X 53-0X 208-0X 400-0X   TOP SCOPE 
KEN HEIER 76-1X 53-0X 41-0X 170-0X 85-1X 80-1X 56-0X 221-2X 391-2X  
STEVE RHOADES 91-1X 78-0X 50-0X 219-1X 86-1X 82-1X DNF 168-2X 387-3X  
GLEN GIPSON 59-0X 60-0X 38-0X 157-0X 72-2X 76-0X 60-0X 208-2X 365-2X  
DAVE MAURER 70-0X 60-0X 20-0X 150-0X 82-1X 45-0X 62-1X 189-2X 339-2X  
PAUL HUARD 73-0X 55-0X 64-0X 192-0X 40-1X 14-0X 31-0X 85-1X 277-1X  


 DAVE GULLO   Meacham Hi-Wall 45-90  1-18 Badger  Kelley rear Axtell front sight

                       Fed 150M  Swiss 1 ½ 81 grains  BACO 540  SPG  .030 poly          

                                 MPro7 Arsenal patches.

 ZACK TAYLOR  Hepburn 45-90 Kreiger  MVA  Fed 150  Swiss 3F 78 grains  PJ Money

                                Soluble oil/water Arsenal patches

ERON AHMER  Browning  45-90  Green Mountain  Baldwin  Fed 150M  Swiss 1 ½                 

                                    88 grains  B&D 530  Fiber Wad  Patched w/soluble oil

DAN THEODORE  Browning  38-70  Pac-Nor  1-10  Baldwin  Fed 150M  Swiss 1 ½

                                   White Lightning  .060 poly  Patched w/soluble oil

KEITH LAY JR.  Shiloh 45-90  Douglas Stainless  1-18  Distant Thunder  MVA

                                Fed 150M  Swiss 77 grains  PJ Money 540  White Lightning  Poly

                               Patched w/soluble oil

JOHN VENHOUS  Shiloh  45-90  Kreiger  1-17  MVA/Kelley sights  BR-2  Swiss 2F

                                   BACO  Money 540  .030 Poly  Patched w/MPRO7

JIMBO TERRY  Shiloh 45-100  MVA  210M  Olde Ensford 1 ½  Walter's Wads BACO 532  Patched    w/soluble oil                                                                     

                                                        CONTRIBUTING MANUFACTURERS


                                                          Thank you all for your support!         

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